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  1. Get Jim to sort your brakes - according to a well know engine shop who just did some work on my bus my brakes are the best they have ever experienced on a split - drums all round, dual circuit and servo.

    Mark P.

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  2. Thanks Jim - you were the only one after numerous attempts to fix our Mexican Beetle, who actually tried, fixed and got him back on the road. Many other mechanics pretended to know what they were doing, didn't fix the car and ripped us off. Jim translated German manuals, researched VW parts from other cars that were used on the fuel injection system and successfully got the Beetle back on the road again. If there is anybody in the UK with a Mexican Beetle, I would trust Jim to work on them as there are is nobody in the UK as good. We will now be taking our T Camper to him from now on, as we trust and respect what he says and does and you cannot get any better than that.

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  3. Hello from Oregon

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  4. Would highly recommend Jim to do your tracking and alignment etc, made a world of difference on our bus.

    He asked the sort of use it gets and set it up with that in mind, I.e. fully loaded camper vs show/day use etc. So that with/without load it was spot on.

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  5. Thanks Jim.
    All paid. The bus is really running well. Best since having her.
    The ARB has totally transformed the ride. I'm shocked at the improvement.
    Probably squeezing an extra 10mph out of her on the open road and still drives straight!

    Thanks again

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  6. Jim was extremely helpful when I was sourcing a remote servo for my MK1 caddy, quick and full responses to emails made me confident that what I was buying was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

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  7. Hi Jim,

    Not seen you in a long time!

    I look forward to your return in June as I need to sort out the steering rack on the Crewcab.

    Let me know when you are back as I am a desperate man lol.


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  8. Hi Jim i follow you on ssvc and on your own website you are always ready to offer free advice which shows me your a man like myself is very comfortable in our own fields and very considered of people and there buses no matter of their ability.i will be be buying some of your products in the future with out a doubt
    cheers Jim

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  9. Site looks good Jim , well thought out even a divvy like me can understand it , well done :-)

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  10. Hi Jim, like the new title graphic!


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  11. Hey Jim

    Great site. nice to see the bays staring to appear on the Blog!!

    See you soon

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  12. Hey Jim

    Got me a bus

    Nice site

    See you soon (i think steve G is thinking of another bus)

    Hey Brian,

    That's good news, on both counts!

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  13. Jim, brilliant site and well laid out.

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  14. Best of luck Jim!

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  15. Hi Jim, best of luck with the new website!

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  16. Jim,

    Great looking site, looking forward to reading more write ups on the pick up.



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  17. Hello Jim, nice website :-)

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