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'67 RHD Pickup

(June 17, 2016)

RHD 1967 VW Single Cab - UK Spec'


003_After_shot_blasted 005_After_shot_blasted 012_After_shot_blasted

Pickup after initial 'sand' blasting. Ready for the welding to commence.

014_Rear_corner_stripped_back_ready_for_panel 016_RHS_Sill_Prepared_for_new_sill 017_RHS_Sill_and_B_Post_ready_for_welding 

Cutting out the rusted panels.

021_RHS_Cab_Floor_Repair IMG_5002 IMG_5003

Mock up of repair panel placement & test once fitted in position, door alignment checked

IMG_5029.JPG IMG_5005 IMG_5133_14_1

IMG_5152_4_1 IMG_5153_5_1

Cutting out more hidden rot.

IMG_5154_1_1 IMG_5155_2_1 IMG_5158_3_1

Stitching in the new panels.

IMG_5160_4_1 IMG_5161_5_1 IMG_5163_6_1

IMG_5170_4_1 IMG_5173_7_1

IMG_5171_5_1 IMG_5172_6_1 IMG_5174_8_1

IMG_6196_4_1  IMG_6200_1_1 IMG_6202_2_1 

Chassis section missing the inner box skin for the front cross member to fit against so fab'd up a new panel.

IMG_6206_3_1 IMG_6210_5_1

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Chassis holes prep'd & patched

 Beginning of the cab floor repair sections going in.



More rusty sections to be removed and repaired.

IMG_6279_1_1 IMG_6280_2_1 IMG_6281_3_1

IMG_6282_4_1 IMG_6283_5_1 IMG_6284_6_1

IMG_6285_1_1 IMG_6286_3_1 IMG_6287_2_1

LHS door frame winched into shape & braced. Cab floor and arch sections going in.

IMG_6316_5_1 IMG_6315_4_1 IMG_6311_2_1

IMG_6319_6_1 IMG_6310_1_1

Trimming out more rusted sections. Cleaning up previous welds.

IMG_7826 IMG_7828

Opened up the RHS rear corner to long panel seam to remove the rust & old metal previous owner left in....


Checking the fit before removing more panels.

IMG_7808 IMG_7807

New panels came with incorrect flanges, shown here. So break out the TIG.


IMG_7809 IMG_7816

Nasty previous repairs. Double thickness wheel arches & panel strengtheners rotted out.

IMG_7810 IMG_7813 IMG_7811

Front stripped bare then chemical prep'd.

IMG_7829 IMG_7839

Front valance closing strip plug welded, then folded under, more plug welding then cleaned up.

IMG_7833 IMG_7835

Moved the Pickup into a new location.

2013-09-29_11-13-19_103 2013-09-29_11-13-29_922

Roll over frame modified to bolt direct to the chassis, giving even more access.

2013-11-02_14-47-35_83 2013-11-02_14-47-56_609

Plenty of space now. Stripping the chassis commenced. Each section cleaned back & rust treatment.

2013-11-02_14-46-49_7 2013-11-18_13-06-42_339

Damaged rear cradle needs some attention. First stripped back. Metal straightened out.

2013-11-02_14-47-01_320 2013-11-18_13-07-02_851 2013-11-18_16-12-44_367

Test alignments of new panels to treated OG panels.

2013-12-10_09-07-40_300 2013-12-23_14-15-30_853

More chassis cleaning & treatment.

2013-12-23_15-49-39_992 2014-02-17_17-23-30_679

Heater ductwork installed. Some new some repaired OG.

2014-02-16_17-10-42_171 2014-02-16_17-10-56_880

Valance hangers removed as rotten out. Engine bay tinware cleaned & treated.

2014-02-15_17-44-25_773 2014-02-17_17-23-55_312

Floor section modified from LHD to RHD & mocked up in place. Arch repair panel needed to be longer to cover the rusted sections.

2014-02-17_17-24-54_85 2014-04-03_13-17-40_433

Holes finally being closed up.

2014-04-07_10-53-48_525 2014-04-07_12-02-30_907

Gearbox cradle strengthener welded in. D-post removed ready for replacement panel.

2014-04-07_14-17-02_882 2014-04-07_15-30-06_265 2014-04-08_15-31-32_771

Short panel, treasure chest sill etc welded on.

2014-04-08_20-26-02_784 2014-04-08_20-26-26_772

2014-05-11_17-31-12_252 2014-05-11_17-31-27_802 2014-05-11_17-31-52_493

De-skinned the treasure chest lid ready for spot welding on a replacement.

2014-05-12_12-09-07_902 2014-05-12_12-09-24_10

2014-05-25_17-09-00_843 2014-05-25_17-09-36_359

LHS panels spot welded on & primer blown over.

2014-06-27_15-41-59_384 2014-08-30_13-24-06_343

Treasure chest floor welding complete & another wheel arch closed in.

2014-09-29_10-28-47_76 2014-10-18_15-44-17_921

Starting to organise some of the other items for the rebuild, like seats. Old material off, seats blasted & new springs made to match the OG.

dsc_0209 dsc_0224

Test fitted the towbar too.

dsc_0014 dsc_0149

Fuel tank closing panel support structure replaced.

dsc_0164 dsc_0165

Body blasted & primered up. Followed by "Seagull Grey" top coat starting on the hidden areas with the Treasure Chest Locker. Load bed installed once the areas inside are painted.

 dsc_0038 dsc_0128 dsc_0181

Cab area prep'd & re-primered.

DSC_0301 DSC_0296

Various areas now in "Seagull Grey" & "Mango" top coat.

DSC_0306 DSC_0307

Pedal & mats being fitted in as a test. Treasure Chest Locker now with a foam protection / timber base & covered in a "checker plate" rubber mat.

DSC_0005 DSC_0002


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