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Driveshaft Variations

(January 01, 2017)

With all the variations out there available to run on a VW this information might be helpful to some.


The Bug spline length is not long enough to use the Type 2/Type 4 CV's without milling the shoulder down for snap ring clearance.

If the machining is done, the axle will be weaker and can snap right in that area.

The Type 2 and Type 4 CV's have the same width center cage (28mm), so they are basically interchangeable between each other's axles and no need for milling.


axles_t2_01.JPG (85720 bytes)                                axles_t2_02.JPG (86408 bytes)
Bus = 18-3/4" long                  Bus = 34mm

axles_t1_01.JPG (94238 bytes)                                axles_t1_02.JPG (82090 bytes)
Bug = 16-5/16"                        Bug = 28mm

axles_t4_01.JPG (79089 bytes)                                axles_t4_02.JPG (89374 bytes)
Porsche/181 = 16-1/8"             Porsche/181 = 33mm



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