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Crank Pulley Variations

(March 25, 2017)

There are at least six different VW pulleys, four of which are in common use, so it's important to know what you've got fitted to your engine before you start.

Four common versions are listed below:


    • The one-notch pulley is 5-degrees ADTC (that's AFTER) and is used with the double vacuum distributors, 1971-1973, ie no TDC mark.



    • The dimple and notch pulley has a small dimple on the rearmost (rear of car) rim which is TDC and a notch on the front (front of car) rim which is 7.5 degrees BTDC.



    • The two-notch pulley (only about 3mm apart) has no TDC mark; the two notches are 7.5 degrees and 10 degrees BTDC.



    • The 3-notch pulley has a notch at TDC, then one at 7.5 degrees BTDC and another at 10 degrees BTDC. These are close together and to the right of TDC.



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