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JIC Fittings Size Difference

(May 02, 2017)

When choosing connection & hose sizes it's vital to choose the correct spec' for the flow you require.

Common sizes are -6JIC, -8JIC & -10JIC


Fitting Size Diameter Area
-6 JIC 7mm 38.48 sq/mm
-8 JIC 10mm 78.5 sq/mm


Although the increase from -6 JIC to -8 JIC appears small when looking at the ID of the fitting, the area that the fluid flows through more than doubles.

So for example, when upgrading the fuel system for a high flow pump, typically -8 JIC size is used from tank to the pump, so the gravity fed flow can keep up with the pump requirements, then after the pump -6 JIC is used from the pump to fuel rails, pressure regulator & return to the tank.

Remember most pumps prefer to push fluids, not suck.

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