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Bus Trailing Arm Bearing Collar Removal

(June 01, 2010)

When installing an aftermarket narrowed beam to an early bus, ’64-’67, the outer bearing race collars need to be removed. Once the trailing arms are removed from the OG beam you will see the collars. If there are no collars on the trailing arms, then the arms will be from a ’55-’63 beam.


Hold the trailing arm in a vice or work bench, and carefully cut down through the collar with an air cut-off disc, or a slitting disc in an angle grinder. Do not attempt to cut all the way through the collar, as you may damage the surface under the collar.


Then with a hammer and cold chisel, give the cut a sharp tap. The collar will then crack the remaining uncut material.


A crack forms along the cut, without damage or heat build up to the trailing arm. Once the collar has cracked, it can simply be knocked down the trailing arm and removed.


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