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Torque Settings

(July 07, 2012)
Bolt Size8.810.912.9A2-70 (Stainless)
6mm (M6) 9Nm 13Nm 14Nm 7Nm
8mm (M8) 23Nm 33Nm 40Nm 17Nm
10mm (M10) 45Nm 65Nm 70Nm 33Nm
12mm (M12) 80Nm 115Nm 125Nm 57Nm
14mm (M14) 125Nm 180Nm 195Nm xx
16mm (M16) 195Nm 280Nm 290Nm


Always use a torque wrench when installing parts on your car!

Too much tension means the bolt will be stressed too much and can ultimately break.

Not enough tension means the bolt can either run loose or it can move around. This will damage the bolt and it's brackets. This can ultimately also lead to catastrophic failures.

Only use 8.8 grade bolts in suspension applications. 10.9 grade or even worse 12.9 grade bolts are hardened.

The hardening process will improve the maximum possible load on the bolt, but it will also make the bolt relatively brittle.

Within suspension parts, you would rather see bolts bend than sheer. 8.8 grade bolts have the tendacy to bend, any hardended bolts have the tendacy to sheer.

Above is a guideline to the torque levels used on Metric bolts.
Bolt grades are printed on the head of the bolt.


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