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Dynamo / Alternator Stands

(November 16, 2013)

There are four generator/alternator stands.

Look at the last three numbers cast in:

211 is for the small-diameter generator (most 6V and late 912 12V)

211B is for the large-diameter (late 6V or 12V) generator on a singleport

211E is for a large-diameter generator on a twinport (it's clearanced slightly for the larger-diameter manifold)

211G is for alternators - it's obviously different since it's made to clear the larger-diameter business-end of an alternator.

You can use a G in place of an E or B.
You can use an E in place of a B.
You can also clearance a B yourself to use on a twinport, but be careful to take off just enough - too much and the strap won't seat properly and it'll keep sliding out of place
If you have a twinport with dual carbs it can use the B, since there's no concern about manifold clearance.
No numbers cast in? Most likely it's a repro' copy of a 211G.

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