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LHD Steering Rack Project.

(November 08, 2012)

Left hand drive steering rack conversion project underway.

First step is to remove the existing steering box & drag link. Much of the removal process is the same as a RHD bus, which is detailed here - (cut and paste this page into your browswer)

Next is to establish how a LHD conversion will work around existing components, and how it would differ from a RHD conversion.

Rough layout of how a rack would sit on a LHD conversion.


Next is to fabricate a lower mount to the new steering column outer tube to ensure the steering wheel remains at the same height after the conversion. Once the mounting plate is welded to the outer tube & painted, it can be fitted to the bus. Ensure the distance from the dash mounting bracket to the top of the outer tube remains the same as factory.


New product for the conversions are these laser cut & CNC folded steering rack mounting brackets. Bolt directly to the stock steering box captive nuts.


Further photos of the conversion will be updated soon.

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