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Wiring Loom - Additional Secondary Fitment

Wiring Loom - Additional Secondary Fitment


Aux' loom for non-standard components.

:  at  £45.00  each

Please enquire regarding lead-times...

If you require extra cables from the engine bay to the dash, perhaps for instrumentation, radio or amplifier etc. the most cost effective way is to run an extra loom on the opposite chassis rail to the original loom.

Cables: -

Six cable sub loom. One cable suitable for a secondary additional equipment fuse board for charging points / audio equipment etc. Five cables for gauges, signal feeds etc. All cables are individially coloured, with the trace (second) colour longitudinal as opposed to radial as on the very early VW's. We offer ‘thin-wall' cables, designed for modern looms, which have a smaller diameter due to a hard but thin insulation.

Connectors: -

Blade connectors are supplied.

'Made in UK'

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