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VW650 Dual Valve Springs (Set of 8)

VW650 Dual Valve Springs (Set of 8)


:  at  £170.00  each

Special Order Item
This is the top-of-the-line dual spring set up for engines designed to rev up to 8500rpm. VW650 Dual Valve Springs drop-in to heads machined for VW diameter dual springs. 

VW650 Dual Valve Springs are designed for extreme endurance so we use a NASCAR grade proprietary material that has unsurpassed high cycle fatigue life. These springs have extensive surface finishing including nitriding, polishing, heat set, and a micro shot peen. For the strip or street, the VW650 Dual Valve Springs will hold up to the most demanding driver.

Installed height of 1.540" gives you @ 160 lbs. of seat pressure, and @ .630'' lift you have an open load of 420 lbs. With the VW650 Dual Valve Springs you can run up to .630 lift, if your heads are properly set up!


Installed Height
(Valve Closed)
Recommended Lift Valve Spring Load
Minimum Recommended
Installed Height
.600" 174 lbs.
1.520" .610" 170 lbs. 
1.530"  .620" 164 lbs.
Minimum Recommended
Installed Height
.630" 160 lbs.

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