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AFFF-AF Foam Filled

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Do you have an old "Firetec" fire suppression system? Has your system been fitted for serval years and you want to have the system checked, refurbished & re-pressurised?

This factory refurbishment service is now available. Your old unit is stripped down, check for damage. All components on the valve will be replaced, new tube, 1Kg 6% AFFF with antifreeze and label.

If there is a activation warning switch installed on the valve, this will be tested and when necessary replace at an additional cost of £28+vat. If your system currently has no activation warning switch, this can also be added during the service.

If your cylinder is made of steel, then this service is not available.

All the cylinders should be in a state without dents or deep scratches. So if your bottle has been damaged, then it will not be suitable for refurbishment and should be replaced with a outright new system.


To date, this type of Fire Suppression System is known to have saved 8 Splitsreens / Bay campers. 

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