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Jason's 11 Window with an ambulance devide installed

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Patina'd ex-ambulance.



2014-03-11_10-11-24_166 2014-03-10_18-21-48_159

Hi spec' external oil cooler to replace the generic item currently used. Also new fuel tank will be fitted.

2014-03-11_16-44-02_797 2014-03-11_16-54-05_778

Some of the engine installation details need to be improved. The existing breather hoses were routed poorly, so blocked with engine oil & were crushed between engine tinware & bodywork. The mini filter on the top of the CB Performance tower was venting oil mist over the engine bay & was attached to a drilled out bolt.

2014-03-12_10-14-15_698 2014-03-12_16-17-33_289

Improved breather system. Previously the rocker breather hoses just filled up with oil as poorly routed. Gases just misted the oil over the engine bay.

2014-03-21_17-56-28_421 2014-03-21_17-55-49_251

Concept Racing fuel tank installed.

2014-03-22_11-31-13_860 2014-03-22_11-31-47_189

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