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'56 Jacks Supermarket Panel September 22, 2017
Original period signwritten Australian panel van         ... [MORE]

Reusable Copper Exhaust Gaskets March 14, 2017
Fed up with rusting and failing exhaust gaskets? Well so am I, so here's the new alternative. Copper exhaust gaskets that you can reuse over and ov... [MORE]

'67 RHD Pickup June 17, 2016
RHD 1967 VW Single Cab - UK Spec'   Pickup after initial 'sand' blasting. Ready for the welding to commence.   Cutting out the r... [MORE]

Workshop Upgrade February 23, 2014
Decided it was about time to upgrade the workshop space. So the brick walls are being timber clad, which will all be painted & new electrics / l... [MORE]

RHD Accelerator Linkage Restoration November 11, 2012
Over many years of use, most RHD accelerator linkages have worn heavily. Not only at pedal, but at each link through the system and it is these many... [MORE]

LHD Steering Rack Project. November 08, 2012
Left hand drive steering rack conversion project underway. First step is to remove the existing steering box & drag link. Much of the removal p... [MORE]

Long Term Project Oval July 18, 2012
... [MORE]

Bespoke Ally Work January 04, 2012
Various custom ally modifications available.   Air filter top with -6 JIC weld on fitting. Bead rolled fuel tank filler neck. Fuel tank... [MORE]

Plating & Powder Coating Service October 22, 2011
New fabricated components or almost any original part can be given a new lease of life. Cleaned, blasted then either re-plated or powder coating. &... [MORE]

Custom 205pcd Rims x 6" Wide September 10, 2011
Factory solid steel VW wheels were 4", not much use for fitting wider tyres. They also didn't come with the safety bead that is standard on modern... [MORE]

Early bus ('55-'63) Locking Front Hub Nuts August 15, 2011
I've had a prototype locking hub nut design machined up. Basically the idea is so we can loose the PITA twin jam nuts / locking tab washer system ... [MORE]

'58 Turbo Samba August 14, 2011
Race strength gearbox, axles & Modified BERG mid-mount. 1914cc Turbo charged, chargecooler, DTA EFI. Old incorrect air direction contro... [MORE]

Water Jacketed SuperFlow Heads December 10, 2009
Comparing port sizes... ... [MORE]