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Fuel Filtration September 12, 2019
Paper filtration 8 microns - Max filtration (post pump) Metal filtration 55 microns - High flow / low filtration Plastic filtration 72 microns - L... [MORE]

Lambda vs AFR Chart August 31, 2019
... [MORE]

Tyre width vs Rim Width Chart July 02, 2019
... [MORE]

Bus Chassis Dimensions July 16, 2018
... [MORE]

Gearbox Bearing ID's March 27, 2018
The early flanged bearing 113 311 123A is FAG number 515828. It's OD is 62mm for most of it's width. The flange is 67mm x 3mm wideWidth of the oute... [MORE]

Useful tyre size calcuator March 19, 2018
A useful tyre size calculator, just follow the link - Tyre size comparison    Type2's left the factory with different rim sizes, de... [MORE]

Complete list of Wiring Diagrams February 25, 2018
VintageBus.com used to host the best listings of all the various wiring looms. As VintageBus website no longer seems to be working, and instead link... [MORE]

Clutch Pedal Pivot Bush Spec December 11, 2017
OD = 19mm ID = 14mm 28mm long minimum 35mm long maximum ... [MORE]

Basic Settings - Stock Carb' October 02, 2017
These are basic settings for initial startup.   The large adjuster is idle and small adjuster is air by pass. You may need to tweek both a li... [MORE]

Timing the SVDA Distributor September 05, 2017
Use a timing light & set the timing initially at 30-32° BTDC at 3,500+ RPM, vacuum hose disconnected and plugged. Maximum advance, at 3,500... [MORE]

Spline Height Adjustment July 07, 2017
... [MORE]

T2 Spindle LP Shim Chart July 06, 2017
... [MORE]

How old are your tyres? June 27, 2017
TYRES!! To help identify the age of your tyres, each one is imprinted with a coded date which tells you when those tyres were manufactured. The ... [MORE]

Fuel Tank Install Details June 25, 2017
Factory filler neck support bracket has a mounting hole 105mm in diameter. Split tank filler neck 57mm diameter Bay tank filler neck 58mm diameter... [MORE]

Clutch Pedal Bush details June 25, 2017
ID 16.5mm OD 18.5mm 1x 35mm long 2x 30mm long ... [MORE]

Tyre Pressures - How to calculate what pressures to use June 05, 2017
For non-standard vehicles, there's no 'book value' for the tyre pressures a Split Bus should be inflated too. So here's a calculation to follow... [MORE]

JIC Fittings Size Difference May 02, 2017
When choosing connection & hose sizes it's vital to choose the correct spec' for the flow you require. Common sizes are -6JIC, -8JIC & -10J... [MORE]

Bearing Wear Identification April 11, 2017
Image showing typical wear patterns & causes.   Bearing sizes   Case Line Bore Thrust Crank     &... [MORE]

Crank Pulley Variations March 25, 2017
There are at least six different VW pulleys, four of which are in common use, so it's important to know what you've got fitted to your engine before... [MORE]

Galvanic Series March 01, 2017
A quick look up table showing metal reaction series, (Galvanic Series). ... [MORE]

CV Variations February 01, 2017
With all the variations out there available to run on a VW this information might be helpful to some.             &nb... [MORE]

Stub Axle Variation January 10, 2017
With all the variations out there available to run on a VW this information might be helpful to some.   Standard & Upgrade Stub Axles The ... [MORE]

Driveshaft Variations January 01, 2017
With all the variations out there available to run on a VW this information might be helpful to some.   The Bug spline length is not long eno... [MORE]

Cryogenic Treatment - Is It For You? December 01, 2016
Articles describing Cryogenic Treatment.   http://www.customdesignperformance.com/ecatalog/cryo.html First, Deep Cryogenic Treatment is... [MORE]

Cable Size Conversion (AWG to mm) November 28, 2013
A quick look up table showing cable size to metric conversion.   ... [MORE]

Dynamo / Alternator Stands November 16, 2013
There are four generator/alternator stands. Look at the last three numbers cast in: 211 is for the small-diameter generator (most 6V and late 912 ... [MORE]

Thread Sizes September 06, 2013
Component Thread size     T1 Stub axle M24 x 1.5 Early T2 Front spindle (pre-63) M22 x 1.5 LH & RH L... [MORE]

Bus 8 Fuse Board Layout August 13, 2013
... [MORE]

Torque Settings July 07, 2012
Bolt Size8.810.912.9A2-70 (Stainless) 6mm (M6) 9Nm 13Nm 14Nm 7Nm 8mm (M8) 23Nm 33Nm 40Nm 17Nm 10mm (M10) 45Nm 65Nm 70Nm ... [MORE]

Dual Circuit Brake Servo April 04, 2011
Firstly, plumbing the servo. This image shows the correct pipework necessary for the servo. The new zinc coated brackets come pre-formed ready fo... [MORE]

T2 IRS Rear Stub Axle Bearing Replacement December 30, 2010
T2 IRS Rear Stub Axle Bearing Replacement   Standard fitment on Bays and a common component of many IRS conversions on Split Screen Vans. The... [MORE]

Maintenance Routine December 30, 2010
“How to… Maintain your Bus?” So how many owners use their buses for their daily driver duties? Even if they’re not used as... [MORE]

Semaphore Control Box December 23, 2010
Semaphore control boxes to allow the use of semaphores along with 'indicating brake lights' & front indicators. Remove the headlight units ... [MORE]

Bus Trailing Arm Bearing Collar Removal June 01, 2010
When installing an aftermarket narrowed beam to an early bus, ’64-’67, the outer bearing race collars need to be removed. Once the trail... [MORE]

Fuel Pump Wiring Installation June 01, 2010
A large proportion of vehicles these days have increased capacity engines and with that, the need for a larger capacity fuel pumps. Naturally the fa... [MORE]

RHD Steering Rack Conversion November 10, 2009
  Horn button removed, and pull the wire away.   Slacken the nut.   Leave the nut proud of the column's thread.   ... [MORE]

Firetec Automatic Fire Suppression Installation May 01, 2005
Each bottle is fitted with pressure gauge. In this example, an empty bottle is shown. All bottles are delivered complete & pressurised. Fi... [MORE]