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Running Gear Overhaul

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Removed the narrowed beam & replaced with a year correct stock beam, plus all the associated parts including an anti roll bar, bump stops & coilover shocks. Raise the ride height, corrected the camber & tracking settings. Plus worked through all the fixings as many were loose or incorrectly fitted.

DSC_0698 DSC_0694

Interesting brake pipe routes & extra joints / unsupported hard lines.

Grease seals fitted incorrectly & no grease in the bearings.

DSC_0699 DSC_0692

Clutch cable bracket was catching, pedal was stock despite the raised steering box. No circlip securing the clutch pedal.

Mounting points for the suspension trailing arms loose. Incorrect spec' bolts on the front beam etc.

Also rebuilt the rear IRS conversion raise the right height, tracking, engine work etc etc 


Incorrectly fitted sand seal causing the engine to throw its oil everywhere...! Bad fuel line installation.

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