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Crewie in for the works.


Berg shifter
Fuel gauge / tank
Door locks
Front & rear disks
M/C upgrade
Servo install
Heating install
Steering rack upgrade
Gearbox mounts

Work starts on the crewcab, and soon discover previous bodges, namely incorrect sized track rod ends used, Oval brakes and interesting cut & welded spring plates.... All replaced with new SA conversion, adjustable spring plates and disc brakes.

IMG_6385_2_1 IMG_6423

Worn dropped spindles replaced with new & the link pins setup correctly with the shims set. CSP vented disk installed.


Old cable clutch ditched as was forced out of alignment due to air-ride system, resulting in a horrible clutch action. New Hydraulic clutch system replacing it.

IMG_6401  IMG_6406

Firetec automatic fire suppression system, brake servo & steering rack conversion.

IMG_6425 IMG_6437

Remainder of the steering system refeshed with new / correct track rod ends. Custom anti-roll bar disk brake upgrade.

IMG_6545 IMG_6543

Serviced the air-ride system and replaced the missing bolts.

IMG_6546 IMG_6544

Accel' link rod remade longer to clear the new clutch pedal.

IMG_6541 IMG_6542

IMG_6616 IMG_6618

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