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Outwardlly, this bus looks stock but is heavily reworked in suspension, gearbox & engine.

Previously the front beam has been swapped for a CE stock width roller bearing beam. New stock spindles with the CSP front disks replaced with vented Futbus disks. At the rear the gearbox has been replaced with a high ratio unit mated with rebuilt reduction boxes & a stroker engine.

Now its back for an EFI upgrade. Using genuine VW EFI components & a Canems ECU system.


VW EFI hardware includes OE throttle body, air bypass valve, manifold / runners & endcastings with new VW fuel rails and cleaned / tested injectors. GM hardware for the MAP sensor & coil pack. The manifold is tapped for a servo vac' take-off.


New VW fuel rails ready for plumbing in.


OG intake metal connections shot blasted & satin powder coated. Air bypass valve connection TIG'd to elbow.

IMG_6610 IMG_6611

ECU mounted. CPS temporary bracket.

IMG_6613  IMG_6606

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  1. maddison

    hi jim - love this, mrs wants out bus EFI - what kind of ball park would this cost for you to do for me (mines a 1776 - currently running twin 40 dells) -------------------------------------- Hi Steve, I'll work some details out and let you know.

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