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Jenni's chassis & floor replacement

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Chassis suffering from the usual rot so out with the old.


401318_10150566791265712_756580711_10944991_1636791253_n 378379_10150566791460712_756580711_10944992_1789031820_n

399530_10150566792455712_756580711_10945001_437619342_n 383140_10150566791710712_756580711_10944994_20494635_n

384817_10150566791975712_756580711_10944997_1898511713_n 381457_10150566791600712_756580711_10944993_939156541_n

397675_10150566803055712_756580711_10945034_1161068722_n 402829_10150566802975712_756580711_10945033_69037334_n

394456_10150589445605712_756580711_11049026_541475061_n 375477_10150589445395712_756580711_11049024_1229378190_n

399861_10150589445970712_756580711_11049028_241812428_n Floor

Under passenger seat base had been repaired in the past without removal of the OG section, and the gap packed with filler & newspaper. So patch just rotted out. All weak metal cut out and new section welded in.

417167_10150840423149428_793074427_12595903_1333054793_n 425777_10150847283359428_793074427_12618073_715072485_n 

Redunent holes in the seat backs welded up, floor fully welded in place with heater duct & table mounts going in. Nose cone panel welded in & all joints seam sealed both sides.

417558_10150840415464428_793074427_12595887_638687419_n 421874_10150840415139428_793074427_12595886_1155127826_n

New chassis & floor given a good shultz protection. Insulated heater hose fitted. Servo vac' line & remote cooler re-installed.


Etch primer inside and out.

DSC_0161 DSC_0163

DSC_0166  DSC_0167

Quick blow over to stop the moisture getting to the new metal.

414433_10150897003919428_793074427_12797245_813913357_o 459141_10150897005029428_793074427_12797253_1515109667_o

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