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Gez's Slammed Bus

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Well it will be once finished...



Work booked includes:

T1 based IRS conversion

Fuel tank sender

Rear brake conversion

Front brake conversion & narrowed beam installation

Steering rack conversion

Brake servo

So starting with out with the old....

IMG_8335 IMG_8339

Above the gearbox & other hard to reach areas have been cleaned back & a fresh layer of protection painted on. Fuel tank sender has been replaced & the cable connections improved.

As the front beam is being replaced with a Boxwagen narrowed item, the leaves need to be cut down to suit & the trailing arms require a modification to align the shock absorbers. So the trailing arms have been blasted, the old shock mount removed, narrowed the arm & new shock studs machined up & installed.

2013-07-01_16-54-57_457 2013-07-01_16-55-12_100

Beam bolted up with the powder coated trailing arms, new seals, shocks & spindles following on.

IMG_8473 IMG_8476

Dropped spindles often foul the track rod lever arm, so low profile bolts are used on the lower link pin pinch bolts. Wilwood are providing the front braking, servo assisted of course.

IMG_8555 (Small) IMG_8561 (Small)

All new / reconditioned rear brake components. Custom drilled rear drums.

2013-09-11_11-40-00_976 2013-09-11_11-39-39_105

 Rear shock mounts need replacing to align with the IRS components. Welded & primered.

2013-09-11_12-34-08_700 2013-09-11_13-30-42_640

Gearbox prep'. Nose cone swapped, new hock stick rubber boot, new reversing light switch & CV spacers.

2013-09-11_18-19-52_554 2013-09-11_18-20-08_886

Rear brake pipes fabricated, restored driveshafts fitted, gearbox installed & engine back in. Steering rack system installed.

IMG_8707 IMG_8711

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