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Project "Adjustable Engine Stand Offs"

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Bug engine stand off's are great for the extra cooling, but allow the rain into the engine bay when parked up, so open-able / close-able stand-off design in the making.

Stock deck lid brackets & new steel for the fabriaction. Four solid rods & four tubes that slid easily over the rods.

IMG_8569 (Small) IMG_8568 (Small)

Mark the deck lid brackets at 3 3/4" and the steel rod at 3".

IMG_8571 (Small) IMG_8572 (Small)

With all the rods marked, hold them in a vice and bend them with a hammer.

IMG_8574 (Small) IMG_8575 (Small)

Each rod needs to be bent so it has a 2" raised elevation.

IMG_8576 (Small) IMG_8580 (Small)

 I marked each hinge, so once cut in two it was easy to establish which halves belonged together. Cut the bracket at 90 degrees.

 IMG_8581 (Small) IMG_8582 (Small)

Hinges fabrication starts. The short section of the rods is welded to the hinge bracket.

IMG_8583 (Small) IMG_8589 (Small)

Along with the plug welds, I welded along the edges where the rod contacts. Once welded, check that the rod still has the correct angle.

IMG_8590 (Small) IMG_8587 (Small)

Now tack weld the two halves of the bracket back together. Then fabricate a strengthening plate that will be welded to the top section of the bracket and the sliding tubes.

IMG_8591 (Small) IMG_8592 (Small)


more to follow....

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