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OG Starters & Alternator Rebuilds

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Often replacement starters & alternators are "cheap" Chinese & Indian copies of the original German Bosch components. These are inferior so have invested in rebuilding original German Bosch units.

Here is a "before" & "after" images of a 12v starter. The "after" photo also shows the recommended "Hot Start" relay option.

IMG_8698 IMG_8703

Starter motors inspected & tested, then repair options identified & costs established.

Hot start relay kit reduces the electrical demand on the existing wiring loom & ignition switch, also solves the problems associated with poor "hot starting".

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  1. Philip Paul Willcock

    Hello, I have a 6 volt Starting Motor from a 1952 VW Beetle that needs rebuilding. Are you able to provide this service please? Many Thanks, Kind Regards Paul. Possibly. It all depends on what is wrong with it. Regards, Jim

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