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Some serious transformation works are planned for this bus including 18" alloys with MASSIVE tyres, 2498cc engine, Porsche brakes etc etc.


First off, assemble the engine to reduce the number of boxes inside the bus.... Fan housing removed to build up the tinware & fan housing. Tappets & plug gaps set while access is the best its ever going to be.

2013-10-09_13-52-26_790 2013-10-09_13-59-20_116

Superflow heads do look the business. Quick test fit to see how the 2498cc engine sits in the engine bay.

2013-10-09_13-52-42_675 2013-10-15_14-03-30_941

Front brakes & rim mock up to establish what beam width is required.

2013-10-28_12-05-23_504 rim 

Dual circuit m/c upgrade ahead of the servo installation.


Front suspension upgrade. 100mm narrowed beam, modified trailing arms & track rods.

2013-12-03_15-35-31_20 2013-11-25_15-13-57_141

Front suspension build up. Narrowed beam, modified trailing arms & reworked spindles to correct yet another previous owner bodge. Porsche brake conversion kit installation.

IMG_8885 IMG_8886

IMG_8887 IMG_8892

IMG_8893 2014-03-29_16-08-21_367

2014-04-12_12-21-49_550 2014-04-12_12-22-57_362

2014-04-13_12-51-59_739 2014-04-13_13-10-10_940

Mock up of rear tyre clearances around the bodywork. 19" rims & 225 width tyres don't leave much space....


Rear wheels at probably final running height.

Rear wheel 1 Rear wheel 2

Firetec Fire Supression System installed.




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