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Hungarian Bus

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Hungarian bus all the way into the UK for a mechanical overhall. By complete coincidence passed it on a German autobahn while it was being trailered here.

2014-02-06_16-05-04_522 2014-02-06_16-05-22_735

First job on the list is to remove all the current running gear.

IMG_8904 IMG_8909

Dry mock-up of new wishbone system to check for clearances etc.

IMG_8930 IMG_8927

IMG_8926 IMG_8906

 New fuel tank will be installed.

2014-03-11_16-54-05_778 2014-03-11_16-54-22_430


Rear suspension is also being replaced with wishbone suspension, so existing suspension needs to be removed completely.

IMG_8937 IMG_8914

First dry fit to check all the components work together & pickup any tweeks before the final assembly.

2014-03-30_16-42-08_696 2014-03-30_17-28-49_398

Issues to resolve, like why the handbrake lever mechanism fouls the wheels & wheel balancing weights... why the pre-installed bolt is cracked...

2014-03-30_17-53-42_275 2014-03-30_17-35-48_982

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