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<!-- 0002 -->Dual Circuit Brake Servo

Dual Circuit Brake Servo


Dual Circuit Brake Servo

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Dual circuit brake servo.

Dramatically increase your braking power.... Approximately doubles the braking effect of your current brakes, and gives a real modern feel to the pedal. (approx' 2 : 1 power boost ratio @ 600mm Hg vacuum).

Can be fitted to to a vehicle with 4x drum brakes. Or 2x discs + 2x drums, or 4x discs.

Note this is a DUAL CIRCUIT servo, not the cheaper single circuit items available.

Fitting service available.


Owner's comments:

"what a difference it makes! should have done that 5years ago!" - Neil

"In all seriousness, the servo is probably the single best thing I've fitted to the crewie. The difference is amazing" - yachtybugger


Servo approx' 350mm x 170mm x 140mm


Check out the 'how too' section of this website for fitting instructions.