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Locker Lid - Walk Through

Locker Lid - Walk Through


Specific walk-through version

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Toolchest Locker Lid that we tested around Europe in a Walk'thru' Split Bus.

Converts the open tool chest space into a locking compartment.

Combination lock so no extra keys to loose. Code can be easily set by owner.
Simply slide the seat forward to expose the factory tool chest.

Then slide the Locker Lid in, holding the lock end.
Press the Lid fully down and rotate the lock to secure.
Return your driver's seat back to it's normal position and you have a secure storage compartment that is discreet and requires no modifications to the bus.

You can store all your valuables away from quick smash and grab thieves...

To help easy installation check the condition of the Toolchest recess before attempting to install your Locker Lid. Often the recess has been damaged through years of use as seen here.
You will need to spend a few minutes straightening out these edges to allow the Locker Lid to drop into the recess.