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Die Set - M22 x 1.5 RH & LH (RENTAL)

Die Set - M22 x 1.5 RH & LH (RENTAL)


Right & Left Hand Threads

:  at  £150.00  each

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"Rent the Tool".....


M22 x 1.5 RIGHT HAND die

M22 x 1.5 LEFT HAND die

Die stocks


If you have a one off job you do not wish to invest in the required tool, why not rent it?

Typical uses for this Tap & Die set are;

 Split Screen Bus front spindles; 1955-1963 stub threads become damaged over the years, so this set will clean up those critical threads to allow the locating nuts to thread on cleanly.


The price includes the returnable deposit of £125 (minus Paypal fees) when the tool is delivered back in good working order.

Please return the tool within 2wks.