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Clutch Disc - Dual Friction

Clutch Disc - Dual Friction



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Smooth, powerful and durable, the Dual Friction Clutch Disc is the ultimate clutch disc for street driven high performance engines. The clutch side of the disc is lined with non-asbestos friction material and a marcel spring. The flywheel or high heat side has eight composite pucks bonded to a heat transferring metal. The heat-transferring ring is riveted to the marcel spring.

The composite pucks provide a slight slipping action during first engagement to reduce shock and strain on the driveline components. Recovery is instant when the clutch is fully engaged. The patented Dual Friction design allows you to run a lighter clutch pressure plate assembly for most applications. Being able to run clutches with less pedal pressure helps make this the ideal clutch disc for the daily street use and occasional trips to the drag races.