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<!-- 0001 -->Dual Circuit Brake Servo Bundle Kit

Dual Circuit Brake Servo Bundle Kit


Remote brake servo, mounting bracket, 4m vac' hose, non-return valve, brake pipe unions, 3way brake T-piece & manifold connection

Servo Bundle Options:

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Every Dual Circuit Brake Servo is checked over before dispatch. An eleven point check is performed & the UNF brake fittings are pre-fitted into the servo.


Servo Bundle includes:

Dual circuit brake servo

Mounting bracket

4m vac' hose 

(4x) servo brake pipe unions

[Carefully selected unions to ensure correct mating to the servo ports, WARNING, be careful of cheap Chinese poor quality fittings]

(1x) 3way brake T-piece

(1x) Non return valve

(1x) Manifold connection for single or twin carb' installations.

[Note that for a twin carb setup you connect the vacuum hose to one manifold]


Other items that are available through the webshop that you may consider ordering if you require them:

(1x) Master cylinder upgrade if you're still running a single circuit master cylinder.

(1x) Master cylinder blanking bung.

(6x) Brake pipe grommets as required through chassis sections.

(1x) Brake switch.

(5x) Servo hose grommets.

(1x) Brake pipe.

Brake fluid.


Dramatically increase your braking power.... Approximately doubles the braking effect of your current brakes, and gives a real modern feel to the pedal. (approx' 2 : 1 power boost ratio @ 600mm Hg vacuum).

Can be fitted to to a vehicle with 4x drum brakes. Or 2x discs + 2x drums, or 4x discs.

Note this is a DUAL CIRCUIT servo, not the cheaper single circuit items available.

Fitting service available.


Owner's comments:

"what a difference it makes! should have done that 5years ago!" - Neil

"In all seriousness, the servo is probably the single best thing I've fitted to the crewie. The difference is amazing" - yachtybugger

"~one of Jim's kits. He fitted it as well. Has totally transformed driving the bus" - glyno

"Got the servo on - it's brillant.  What a difference !!!" - Marc


Servo approx' 350mm x 170mm x 140mm.


When flaring your brake pipes, ensure you're using the correct flare tool. If you use the wrong tool or a poor quality tool the resulting flare will not seat correctly and leak.


Check out the 'how too' section of this website for fitting instructions.